Jeff (Jun) Zhang

Jeff Zhang

Postdoctoral Fellow
Jeff (Jun) Zhang is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, working with Prof. David Brooks and Prof. Gu-Yeon Wei. Jeff received his Ph.D. degree from the... Read more about Jeff Zhang

Current Graduate Students

Group Alums

Marco Donato, Ph.D. 2022
Tufts University

Tianyu Jia, Ph.D. 2022
Peking University

Glenn Ko, Ph.D. 2022
Start up

Yuan Yao, Ph.D. 2022

Georgios Zacharopoulos, Ph.D. 2022
Research Institute in Switzerland

Thomas (Hsea-Ching) Hsueh, Ph.D. 2022

En-Yu (Daniel) Yang, Ph.D. 2022
Google Taiwan

Gu-Yeon Wei, Ph.D. 2022

Lillian Pentecost, Ph.D. 2022
“Enabling Emerging, Heterogeneous Memory Systems”
Assistant Professor, Amherst College

Emma Wang, Ph.D. 2019
“Performance analysis for Machine Learning Applications”
Software Engineer, Google

Sam Xi, Ph.D. 2018
“Advancing System-Level Analysis and Design of Specialized Architectures”
Software Engineer, Google

Brandon Reagen, Ph.D. 2018
“On the Design and Optimization of Specialized Hardware with Applications in Deep Learning”
Research Scientist, Facebook

Mario Lok, Ph.D. 2016
“Power Electronics Design for an Insect Scale, Flapping Wing Robot Using High Voltage Integrated Circuits”
Hardware Engineer, Apple.

Sae Kyu Lee, Ph.D. 2016
“High Efficiency Power Delivery for Chip Multiprocessors Using Voltage Stacking”
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard.

Svilen Kanev, Ph.D. 2016
“Efficiency in warehouse-scale computers: a datacenter tax study”
Software Engineer, Google.

Hyunkwang Lee, M.S. 2016

Yakun Sophia Shao, Ph.D. 2016
“Design and Modeling of Specialized Architectures”
Research Scientist, NVIDIA.

Kevin Brownell, Ph.D. 2015
“Architectural Implications of Automatic Parallelization with HELIX-RC”
Software Engineer, Google.

Tao Tong, Ph.D. 2015
“Improving SoC power delivery with fully integrated voltage regulators”

Michael Lyons, Ph.D. 2013.
“Toward a hardware accelerated future”
Software Engineer, Dropbox.

Wonyoung Kim, Ph.D. 2013
“Reducing power loss, cost and complexity of soc power delivery using integrated 3-level voltage regulators”
Founder and CEO, Lion Semiconductor.

Judson Porter, M.S. 2012
Software Engineer, Google Inc.

Michael Karpelson, Ph.D. 2012.
Power electronics design for a flapping-wing robotic insect”

Krishna Rangan, Ph.D. 2011.
“Hardware-based thread scheduling for power-efficient and variation-resilient chip multiprocessors”
Intel Corporation.

Ankur Agrawal, Ph.D. 2010.
“Design of high speed I/O interfaces for high performance microprocessors”
Research Staff, IBM Research.

Vijay Janapa Reddi, Ph.D. 2010.
“Software-assisted hardware reliability: Using runtime feedback from hardware and software to enable aggressive timing speculation”
Professor, Harvard University (formerly University of Texas, Austin).

Meeta Gupta, Ph.D. 2009.
“Variation-aware processor architectures with aggressive operating margins”
Researcher, IBM India Research Labs.

Mark Hempstead, Ph.D. 2009.
“Accelerator-based architectures for wireless sensor network applications”
Professor, Tufts University (formerly Drexel University).

Benjamin Lee, Ph.D. 2008.
“Statistical inference for efficient microarchitectural analysis”
Professor, University of Pennsylvania (formerly Duke University).

Xiaoyao Liang, Ph.D. 2008.
“From uncertainty to opportunity: Joint architecture and circuit resilience to mitigate the impact of process variations”
Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Yong-Cheol Bae
Samsung Electronics

Ruwan Ratnayake, P.D. 20xx.

Hayun Chung, Ph.D. 20xx.
Professor, Korea University.

Amber Tan, Ph.D. 20xx.