Adaptive event-guided system and method for avoiding voltage emergencies


Vijay Reddi, Meeta Gupta, Glenn Holloway, Gu Wei, Michael Smith, and David Brooks. 2015. “Adaptive event-guided system and method for avoiding voltage emergencies”.


In a preferred embodiment, the present invention is a system for avoiding voltage emergencies. The system comprises a microprocessor, an actuator for throttling the microprocessor, a voltage emergency detector and a voltage emergency predictor. The voltage emergency detector may comprise, for example, a checkpoint recovery mechanism or a sensor. The voltage emergency predictor of a preferred embodiment comprises means for tracking control flow instructions and microarchitectural events, means for storing voltage emergency signatures that cause voltage emergencies, means for comparing current control flow and microarchitectural events with stored voltage emergency signatures to predict voltage emergencies, and means for actuating said actuator to throttle said microprocessor to avoid predicted voltage emergencies.


US Patent 8,949,666
Last updated on 04/24/2022