XIOSim: power-performance modeling of mobile x86 cores


Svilen Kanev, Gu Wei, and David Brooks. 7/2012. “XIOSim: power-performance modeling of mobile x86 cores.” In International symposium on Low power Electronics and Design (ISLPED). ACM. Publisher's Version


Simulation is one of the main vehicles of computer architecture research. In this paper, we present XIOSim –- a highly detailed microarchitectural simulator targeted at mobile x86 microprocessors. The simulator execution model that we propose is a blend between traditional user-level simulation and full-system simulation. Our current implementation features detailed power and performance core models which allow microarchitectural exploration. Using a novel validation methodology, we show that XIOSim’s performance models manage to stay well within 10% of real hardware for the whole SPEC CPU2006 suite. Furthermore, we validate power models against measured data to show a deviation of less than 5% in terms of average power consumption.
Last updated on 04/27/2022