Towards a software approach to mitigate voltage emergencies


Meeta Gupta, Krishna Rangan, Michael Smith, Gu Wei, and David Brooks. 8/27/2007. “Towards a software approach to mitigate voltage emergencies.” In Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED), 2007 ACM/IEEE International Symposium on, Pp. 123–128. IEEE. Publisher's Version


Increases in peak current draw and reductions in the operating voltages of processors continue to amplify the importance of dealing with voltage fluctuations in processors. One approach suggested has been to not only react to these fluctuations but also attempt to eliminate future occurrences of these fluctuations by dynamically modifying the executing program. This paper investigates the potential of a very simple dynamic scheme to appreciably reduce the number of run-time voltage emergencies. It shows that we can map many of the voltage emergencies in the execution of the SPEC benchmarks on an aggressive superscalar design to a few static loops, categorize the microarchitectural cause of the emergencies in each important loop through simple observations and a simple priority function, and finally apply straight forward software optimization strategies to mitigate up to 70% of the future voltage swings.
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