A low power switching power supply for self-clocked systems


Gu Wei and Horowitz Mark. 8/12/1996. “A low power switching power supply for self-clocked systems.” In Proceedings of 1996 International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design, Pp. 313–317. Monterey, CA, USA: IEEE. Publisher's Version


This paper presents a digital power supply controller for variable frequency and voltage circuits. By using a ring oscillator as a method of predicting circuit performance, the regulated voltage is set to the minimum required to operate at a reference frequency which maximizes energy efficiency. Our initial test silicon, implemented with a fixed frequency controller is analyzed and reveals that the controller's power consumption is a major limitation for such a design. To make the controller power dissipation scale with the CV/sup 2/f power of the load, we introduce a new architecture with variable frequency control, which allows the controller's supply and frequency to scale along with the load device.
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