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Welcome to the Harvard Architecture, Circuits, and Compilers Group!

Our research focuses on computer architectures and systems that overcome fundamental limitations we now face due to the end of Moore’s Law at all layers of the hardware-software stack. Topics of active research include automatic parallelization, hardware specialization, and efficient power delivery.

Please explore our website to learn more about our projects and the people behind them.

Recent Events

gem5-Aladdin release

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gem5-Aladdin, an SoC simulator enabling end-to-end simulation of accelerated benchmarks, has been released! Find out more about gem5-Aladdin and download the source code here. Also, … Continued

IISWC 2016 Accepted Paper

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Congratulations to Robert Adolf, Saketh Rama, and Brandon Reagen for their IISWC 2016 paper! Their paper presents Fathom, a set of reference workloads for benchmarking … Continued