A high-throughput maximum a posteriori probability detector


Ruwan Ratnayake, Aleksandar Kavcic, and Gu Wei. 9/16/2008. “A high-throughput maximum a posteriori probability detector.” IEEE Journal of solid-state circuits, 43, 8, Pp. 1846–1858. Publisher's Version


This paper presents a maximum a posteriori probability (MAP) detector, based on a forward-only algorithm that can achieve high throughputs. The MAP algorithm is optimal in terms of bit error rate (BER) performance and, with Turbo decoding, can approach performance close to the channel capacity limit. The proposed detector utilizes a deep-pipelined architecture implemented in skew-tolerant domino and experimentally measured results verify the detector can achieve throughputs greater than 750MHz while consuming 2.4W. The detector is implemented in a 0.13μm CMOS technology and has a die area of 9.9 mm 2 .
Last updated on 04/29/2022