A fully digital, energy-efficient, adaptive power-supply regulator


Gu Wei and Horowitz Mark. 4/1999. “A fully digital, energy-efficient, adaptive power-supply regulator.” IEEE Journal of solid-state Circuits, 34, 4, Pp. 520–528. Publisher's Version


A voltage scaling technique for energy-efficient operation requires an adaptive power-supply regulator to significantly reduce dynamic power consumption in synchronous digital circuits. A digitally controlled power converter that dynamically tracks circuit performance with a ring oscillator and regulates the supply voltage to the minimum required to operate at a desired frequency is presented. This paper investigates the issues involved in designing a fully digital power converter and describes a design fabricated in a MOSIS 0.8-/spl mu/m process. A variable-frequency digital controller design takes advantage of the power savings available through adaptive supply-voltage scaling and demonstrates converter efficiency greater than 90% over a dynamic range of regulated voltage levels.

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