Dimetrodon: processor-level preventive thermal management via idle cycle injection


Peter Bailis, Vijay Reddi, Sanjay Gandhi, David Brooks, and Margo Seltzer. 6/9/2011. “Dimetrodon: processor-level preventive thermal management via idle cycle injection.” In Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2011 48th ACM/EDAC/IEEE, Pp. 89–94. San Diego, CA, USA: IEEE.


Processor-level dynamic thermal management techniques have long targeted worst-case thermal margins. We examine the thermal-performance trade-offs in average-case, preventive thermal management by actively degrading application performance to achieve long-term thermal control. We propose Dimetrodon, the use of idle cycle injection, a flexible, per-thread technique, as a preventive thermal management mechanism and demonstrate its efficiency compared to hardware techniques in a commodity operating system on real hardware under throughput and latency-sensitive real-world workloads. Compared to inflexible hardware techniques, Dimetrodon achieves favorable trade-offs for temperature reductions up to 30% due to rapid heat dissipation during short idle intervals.
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