Software Tools

We have developed a great deal of software infrastructure to enable and assist our research. Links to project details and source code are found here.


gem5-Aladdin is an integration of the Aladdin accelerator simulator with the gem5 system simulator to enable simulation of end-to-end accelerated workloads on SoCs. You may download the code here. It is maintained by Sam Xi and Yakun Sophia Shao.


Fathom is a collection of workloads for benchmarking modern machine learning techniques. Source code is available on GitHub. Fathom is maintained by Robert Adolf and Saketh Rama.


XIOSim is our x86 performance simulator. The code is available on GitHub. It is still actively developed and maintained by Svilen Kanev, Kevin Brownell, and Sam Xi, although updates are only pushed to GitHub for major releases.


Aladdin is our pre-RTL power and performance simulator for hardware accelerators. Please click here to download Aladdin.


MachSuite is a benchmark suite for high-level synthesis and accelerator-centric architectures. Please click here to download MachSuite.


WIICA is the Workload ISA Independent Characterization for Applications tool. Please click here to download the tool.


ILDJIT is our compilation framework using a high-level intermediate representation. The code is available on SourceForge. ILDJIT is maintained by Simone Campanoni.


LLVM-Tracer is an LLVM instrumentation pass to print out a dynamic LLVM IR execution trace, including dynamic values and memory addresses.

Please click here to download the tool.

McPAT CPU Models

We have developed McPAT power models for a recent high-performance multicore CPU. You may download these models here.


BayesSuite is a collection of Bayesian inference workloads written in Stan framework. The code is available on GitHub. More details and profiling results on BayesSuite are in this paper. The repository is maintained by Emma Wang.