Voltage regulator integrated with semiconductor chip


Lin Shiung and Gu Wei. 6/10/2014. “Voltage regulator integrated with semiconductor chip.” United States of America US8749021B2 (U.S Patent). Publisher's Version


The present invention reveals a semiconductor chip structure and its application circuit network, wherein the switching voltage regulator or converter is integrated with a semiconductor chip by chip fabrication methods, so that the semiconductor chip has the ability to regulate voltage within a specific voltage range. Therefore, when many electrical devices of different working voltages are placed on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), only a certain number of semiconductor chips need to be constructed. Originally, in order to account for the different demands in voltage, power supply units of different output voltages, or a variety of voltage regulators need to be added. However, using the built-in voltage regulator or converter, the voltage range can be immediately adjusted to that which is needed. This improvement allows for easier control of electrical devices of different working voltages and decreases response time of electrical devices.


US Patent 8,749,021
Last updated on 04/25/2022