Multi-accelerator system development with the ShrinkFit acceleration framework


Michael Lyons, Gu Wei, and David Brooks. 10/2014. “Multi-accelerator system development with the ShrinkFit acceleration framework.” In International Conference on Computer Design. Seoul, Korea (South). Publisher's Version


This paper introduces the ShrinkFit accelerator framework, which simplifies the design of systems combining multiple accelerators. A single ShrinkFit system design can be deployed to FPGAs large and small, without time-consuming architectural parameter surveys. We describe four ShrinkFit accelerators implemented for an FPGA-based robotic bee brain prototype and demonstrate the flexibility of ShrinkFit with low performance overheads (under 10% on average) and low resource overheads (0-8% for accelerators and under 2% for hard logic blocks).
Last updated on 04/25/2022