The MachSuite Benchmark


Brandon Reagen, Robert Adolf, Gu Wei, and David Brooks. 10/26/2015. “The MachSuite Benchmark.” In Boston Area Architecture Workshop (BARC). Raleigh, NC, USA. Publisher's Version


Recent high-level synthesis and accelerator-related architecture papers show a great disparity in workload selection. To improve standardization within the accelerator research community, we present MachSuite, a collection of 19 benchmarks for evaluating high-level synthesis tools and accelerator-centric architectures. MachSuite spans a broad application space, captures a variety of different program behaviors, and provides implementations tailored towards the needs of accelerator designers and researchers, including support for high-level synthesis. We illustrate these aspects by characterizing each benchmark along five different dimensions, highlighting trends and salient features.
Last updated on 04/24/2022