ISA-Independent Workload Characterization and its Implications for Specialized Architectures


Yakun Shao and David Brooks. 4/21/2013. “ISA-Independent Workload Characterization and its Implications for Specialized Architectures.” In International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS). Publisher's Version


Specialized architectures will become increasingly important as the computing industry demands more energy- efficient designs. The application-centric design style for these architectures is heavily dependent on workload characterization of intrinsic program characteristics, but at the same time these architectures are likely to be decoupled from legacy ISAs. In this work, we perform ISA-independent workload characterization for a variety of important intrinsic program characteristics relating to computation, memory, and control flow. The analysis is performed using a JIT compiler that emits ISA-independent instructions. We compare this analysis with an x86 trace and find that several of the analyses are highly sensitive to the ISA. We conclude that designers of specialized architectures must adopt ISA-independent workload characterization approaches.
Last updated on 04/26/2022