Design and analysis of an integrated driver for piezoelectric actuators


Mario Lok, David Brooks, Robert Wood, and Gu Wei. 9/15/2013. “Design and analysis of an integrated driver for piezoelectric actuators.” In IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition. Publisher's Version


Small-scale, highly maneuverable, flapping-wing robotic insects have a wide range of applications, including exploration, environmental monitoring, search and rescue, and surveillance. For these small-scale robots, a piezoelectric cantilever actuator driven by a high voltage drive signal is a preferred actuation mechanism. The generation of this drive signal via light and efficient power electronics is critical given the limited weight budget for the flapping-wing robot. Previous work demonstrated actuator drive circuitry using discrete power transistors and passive elements. This paper presents a new design that integrates all the power FETs into a single monolithic IC, reducing the weight of the power electronics to fit within the weight budget. This design adds the capability of driving multiple outputs to accommodate recent electromechanical design advances for flying robots.
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