A 0.6V All-Digital Body-Coupled Wakeup Transceiver for IoT Applications


Paul Whatmough, George Smart, Shidhartha Das, Yiannis Andreopoulos, and David Bull. 6/17/2015. “A 0.6V All-Digital Body-Coupled Wakeup Transceiver for IoT Applications.” In IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits (VLSIC). Kyoto, Japan. Publisher's Version


A body-coupled symmetric wakeup transceiver is proposed for always-on device discovery in IoT applications requiring security and low-power consumption. The wakeup transceiver (WTRx) is implemented in 65nm CMOS, using digital logic cells and operates at 0.6V. A directly-modulated open-loop DCO generates an OOK-modulated 10MHz carrier, with a frequency-locked loop for intermittent calibration. A passive receiver incorporates a digital IO cell as hysteretic comparator, with a two-phase correlator bank. A novel MAC scheme allows for duty-cycling in both transmitter and receiver. Measured power consumption is 3.54μW, with sensitivity of 88mV and maximum wakeup latency of 150ms.
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