Inspired by the biology of a bee, our group, along with collaborators at the Wyss Institute, Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and Northeastern University, is developing RoboBees, a miniature robotic system that could perform myriad roles in agriculture or disaster relief. A RoboBee measures about half the size of a paper clip, weighs less than one-tenth of a gram, and flies using “artificial muscles” comprised of materials that contract when a voltage is applied. The development of RoboBee is broadly divided into three main components: the Body, Brain, and Colony, and the overall goal is to greatly expand the boundaries of current robotics design and engineering through the development of autonomous micro-aerial vehicles capable of self-contained, self-directed flight and of achieving coordinated behavior in large groups. Our group focuses on building the brain system-on-chip (SoC) to control the bee autonomously and the bee’s power system to power the wing actuators for flight.

People: Xuan “Silvia” Zhang, Mario Lok, Saekyu Lee, Tao Tong, Brandon Reagen, Simon Chaput, Hyunkwang Lee


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